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Lucky Dip
Glass for lighthouses
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Lighthouse Optic

Lighthouse Optic | © Thinktank Trust | Come and see it in the Move It gallery at Thinktank

The industrial traditions established by Boulton and Watt were developed by other Birmingham family businesses.
This ĎFresnelís lensí lighthouse optic was used for almost 80 years at the Longstone Lighthouse. It was made in 1873 by Chance Brothers & Co - a family business for six generations. Unusually, the firm completed the entire manufacturing process. Glass entered its works in the form of sand and alkali, and left as a finished and polished product.
The Chance family were clever businesspeople. Birmingham industries have always depended on the inventiveness and hard work of individuals... 

What is a Fresnelís lens?
Augustine-Jean Fresnel (1788-1827)
Longstone Lighthouse

What is special about Longstone Lighthouse?

What were Chance Brothers famous for?
Chance Glass Works, Birmingham

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