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Britain falls in love with the motorcar 
Britain makes the speed record its own
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The Railton Mobil Special Land Speed Record Car

The Railton Mobil Special Land Speed Record Car | © Thinktank Trust | Come and see it in the Move It gallery at Thinktank

Well-established motor industries helped French and American drivers set most of the early Land Speed Records. This soon changed as Britain’s motor industry gained strength.
Daredevil Brits like Malcom Campbell and Henry Seagrave became household names by being the fastest men on Earth. From September 1924 the record remained in British hands for 40 years, except for one 11-month period. With this car, designed by Reid Railton, John Cobb held the record for 17 years. Britain still holds the record with a speed of 766 mph set by Andy Green in 1997. 

What is the Railton Mobil Special like to drive?
Controls of the Railton Mobil Special Land Speed Record Car
Reid Anthony Railton (1895-1977)

Who was Reid Railton?

Reid Railton recalls the first run of the Land Speed Record Car at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA.

Listen to Reid Railton recalling the first run of the car

Reid Railton explains the rules that governed John Cobb’s successful attempts at the Land Speed Record

Listen to Reid Railton explaining the Land Speed Record rules
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