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From Outback engineer to motorcar mogul 
Motoring for the Millions
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Austin Seven Tourer

Austin Seven Tourer | © Thinktank Trust | Come and see it in the City Stories gallery at Thinktank

The launch of the Austin Seven in 1922 was revolutionary: a stylish, economical and reliable car at a low price. Car ownership was no longer just for the wealthy.
Cheap cars had been available for a decade, but previously chugging engines, bulky designs and poor protection from the weather made them costly to run, unappealing and uncomfortable.
This Austin Seven is the oldest surviving production model. It could carry a small family. It would have cost £225, thatís £8,700 today.
Find out more about Herbert Austin and his links with Birmingham. 

What is the Austin Seven like to drive?
Austin Seven Tourer
A 1937 advert encouraging women to buy the Austin Seven

What happened next?


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Watch a promotional film for the Austin Seven

Watch a promotional film for the Austin Seven
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